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Tim is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), and has more than a few movies to his credit. His ambition for film came at an early age.

Founded Film Systems International Inc. in 1994

At 13, he shot a film for a school project, which received a standing ovation from more than a hundred people.

Tim had the drive then and has kept it going. Tim’s inspirations were Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Robert Shaw, Sergio Leone and Hal Needham. At 18, he started working professionally as a stuntman on the TV series “Dukes Of Hazzard.”

Tim continued his career as an actor/stuntman doing feature films such as, “Under Siege,” “Stroker Ace,” “Sharky’s Machine” and “Six Pack.” He has also produced and directed commercial videos.

Tim studied drama at the University of South Alabama and attended the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater and various filmmaking and stunt workshops.

Tim’s lifelong dream was to produce feature films, which he has achieved. He has worked with talent such as, Burt Reynolds, Steven Seagal, Ned Beatty, Tommy Lee Jones, Dom DeLuise and stuntman/director Hal Needham.

Fueled by his passion for Alabama football, Tim is currently working on achieving a longtime goal, which is to produce a top quality film on the greatest era in Alabama football history titled “The Wishbone Boys,” so named for the highly successful wishbone offense.

Tim is the mastermind behind this film and has devoted the last five years to
developing the story. He has put together the pieces of the puzzle to make this documentary a reality.

His documentary film project, “The Wishbone Boys,” has been approved by the UA
Athletic Department. With cooperation from the university, Tim is has already begun on-campus research which includes archival film and other information from the Bryant Museum and from the university athletic offices, andmany of the original “Wishbone Boys” have already been interviewed for this film.

Tim’s determination and enthusiasm, combined with collaborative efforts, will make any feature with F.S.I., Inc. become a reality. To learn more, visit

Tim Card, Producer/Director

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